After having studied neuronal developmental dynamics in Drosophila throughout synaptogenesis, I am now mostly interested in the dynamics of connective and synaptic maintenance on a nanoscale and how these contribute to memory formation and learning on a larger scale. Integrating the knowledge from basic neurobiological research to broader fMRI based studies, I am seeking to understand the mechanisms that allow plasticity in learning and psychological development over our lifespan on a deeper level. 


10/2019 - present  M.Sc. Biology (Major Neurobiology and Behavior), FU Berlin

04/2019 - present  graduate research assistant, Lifespan Psychology, MPIB Berlin

                                    Mechanisms and Sequential Progression of Plasticity        

10/2016 - 09/2019 B.Sc. Biology, Division of Neurobiology, FU Berlin

                "Temperature-dependent brain wiring in Drosophila. Effect of Temperature on Synapse

                 Formation and Synaptic Partner Choice."            

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