Sonia Cancian

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Postdoctoral Fellow
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cancian [at] mpib-berlin [dot] mpg [dot] de

Short CV: 

Ph.D. Humanities (History), Concordia University, Montreal (2008)
Transatlantic Correspondents: Kinship, Gender and Emotions in Postwar Migration Experiences between Italy and Canada, 1946-1971
M.A. Italian Studies, McGill University
B.A. Italian Studies, York University, Toronto
B.A. French/English Translation, Concordia University

Research Interests: 
  • Modern Social History of Italy
  • Contemporary Social History of Canada
  • History of Migration
  • History of Emotions
  • Memories of War and Migration
  • Personal Narratives (Correspondence and Oral/Life History)
  • History of the Family
  • Gender and Women's History

Selected Literature: 

Manuscripts in progress
S. Cancian.The Pen, the Envelope, and the Kiss: The Letters of Antonietta Petris and Loris Palma, 1948-1949. (peer-reviewed, under contract)
M. J. Borges, S. Cancian, and L. Reeder. Eds. Languages of Love: Emotions, Gender and Migration since 1880.

2010 S. Cancian. Families, Lovers, and their Letters: Italian Postwar Migration to Canada. University of Manitoba Press.

Edited Collection
2018 M. J. Borges and S, Cancian. Eds. Migrant Letters: Emotional Language, Mobile Identities, and Writing Practices in Historical Perspective. London and New York: Routledge. Also published in 2016 M. J. Borges  and S. Cancian. Eds. The History of the Family Journal. Special Issue: Migrant Correspondence. 21.

Selected Articles
2018 S. Cancian. "My Love, how different life is here in America... A Young Italian Woman's Intimate Impressions on Life in Postwar Montreal." In S. Gervais, R. Iacovino and M.A. Poutanen  (Eds.), Engaging with Diversity: Multidisciplinary Reflections on Plurality from Quebec. Bern:  Peter Lang S.A.

2016 M. J. Borges and S. Cancian. "Reconsidering the Migrant Letter: From the Experience of Migrants to the Language of Migrants." The History of the Family Journal, Special Issue: Migrant Correspondence. 21: 281-290.

2016 S. Cancian, S. and S. Wegge. "If it is not too expensive, then you can send me sugar." Money Matters among Migrants and their Families. The History of the Family Journal, Special Issue: Migrant Correspondence. 21: 350-367.

2016. S. Cancian. "From Montreal and Venice with Love: Migrant Letters and Romantic Intimacy in Italian Migration to Postwar Canada." In F. Iacovetta and M. Epp. Eds. Sisters or Strangers? Immigrant, Ethnic or Racialized Women in Canadian History. Revised Edition. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, p. 191-200.

Digital History Project
S. Cancian, D. R. Gabaccia, D. Necas. Digitizing Immigrant Letters Project. Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota. http://ihrca.dash.umn.edu/dil/