Sören Brandes

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Predoctoral Fellow
+49 30 82406-638
brandes [at] mpib-berlin [dot] mpg [dot] de

Short CV: 
  • 1989: born in Paderborn, Germany
  • 2008–2012: B. A. in History and Literature, Humboldt University Berlin and University of Lund, Sweden
  • 2012–2015: M. A. in Modern European History, Humboldt University Berlin
  • Droysen Prize – best M.A. thesis, Department of History, Humboldt University Berlin
  • 2015–2019: PhD Candidate in History, Max Planck Institute for Human Development & Free University Berlin
  • August–December 2016: Visiting Researcher at University of California, Berkeley
  • October–December 2017: Fellow of the German Historical Institute, Washington, D.C.
  • January–February 2018: Fellow of the German Historical Institute, London

Research Interests: 
  • Theories and histories of populism and the political
  • Media history
  • History of knowledge and science
  • Economic history as cultural history
  • Social theory

Selected Literature: 

Brandes, S., Zierenberg, M. (eds.), “Praktiken des Kapitalismus,” special issue of Mittelweg 36, vol. 23, no. 1, February 2017

Brandes, S., Zierenberg, M., “Doing Capitalism. Praxeologische Perspektiven,” Mittelweg 36, vol. 26, no. 1 (special issue Praktiken des Kapitalismus,” edited by Sören Brandes and Malte Zierenberg), February 2017, pp. 3–24

Brandes, S., “Free to choose: Die Popularisierung des Neoliberalismus in Milton Friedmans Fernsehserie (1980/90),” Zeithistorische Forschungen/Studies in Contemporary History, vol. 12, no. 3 (special issue “Marketization”, edited by Ralf Ahrens, Marcus Böick, Marcel vom Lehn), December 2015, pp. 526–533

Brandes, S., “Schneise in die Anderswelt. Arno Schmidts Gedicht „Der goldgetränkte Himmel über mir“,” Bargfelder Bote, vol. 351–353, June 2012, pp. 3–17


Brandes, S. “Review of Hemmer, Nicole, Messengers of the Right. Conservative Media and the Transformation of American Politics. Philadelphia 2016,” H-Soz-Kult, 4. Februar 2019

Brandes, S., “Being Cold in England: Stuart Hall on the Psychic Life of Colonialism,” Soziopolis, 13. November 2018

Brandes, S.,Rezension zu Wolter, Philipp: Neoliberale Denkfiguren in der Presse. Wie ein Wirtschaftskonzept die Meinungshoheit eroberte. Marburg 2016,” H-Soz-Kult, 21. September 2017