Deepra Dandekar

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Short CV: 

Post-doctoral Researcher at the Cluster of Excellence 'Asia and Europe in a Global Context', University of Heidelberg (2012 - 2015).

Ph.D. (2010) in Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology from the Deccan College Post-Graduate & Research Institute, Pune (India).

DAAD Doctoral Fellowship (2007-2008) to the South Asia Institute, University of Heidelberg.

Interdisciplinary Diploma in Women’s Studies (2003) from the University of Pune (India).

M.Phil (1999) in Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology from Deccan College Post-Graduate & Research Institute, Pune (India)

M.A (1997) in History from the University of Delhi (India).

B.A (1995) in History (Hons) from St. Stephen's College, the University of Delhi (India).

Research Interests: 
  • South Asian Studies (India)
  • Religious Studies (Hinduism, Sufism and Christian missions in India)
  • History of the 19th and 20th century in India
  • Gender/ Women’s Studies
  • Postcolonialism and Minority Studies
  • Literature and Media studies

Selected Literature: 


Dandekar, D. 2016. Boundaries and Motherhood: Ritual and Reproduction in Rural Maharashtra. Zubaan Books, New Delhi.

Journal Articles:

Dandekar, D. 2018. "Translation and the Christian Conversion of Women in Colonial India: Rev. Sheshadri and Bala Sundarabai Thakur". South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies 41(2):366-83.

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Edited Books:

Dandekar, D. and T. Tschacher (eds). 2016. Islam, Sufism and Everyday Politics in South Asia. London: Routledge.

Book Chapters:

Dandekar, D. 2017. “Margins or Centre? Konkani Sufis, India and ‘Arabastan’” in Area Studies at the Crossroads. Knowledge Production after the Mobility Turn. Edited by K. Mielke & A.-K. Hornidge. Pp 141-156. Palgrave Macmillan, New York.

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Dandekar, D. 2015. “Women’s Śakti and the Satvāī, a Folk Goddess of Childbirth in Maharashtra”, in Sakti in Indian Archaeology, Art, Literature and Philosophy. Edited by K.S. Rege, S.A. Pandit, S. Jeswani and R. Sabnis, pp. 179-188. New Delhi: Agam Kala Prakashan.

Dandekar, D. 2009. "Satvai and the Lives of Women in Ghodegaon," in Liebe, Sexualität, Ehe und Partnerschaft - Paradigmen im Wandel. Edited by M. R. Roswitha Badry, Karin Steiner, pp. 281-292. Freiburg: Fördergemeinschaft wissenschaftlicher Publikationen von Frauen.

Book Reviews:

Dandekar, D. 2017. "Review of Michael Youngblood: Cultivating Community-Interest, Identity and Ambiguity in an Indian Social Mobilization". Asian Ethnology 76(2): 421-24.

Dandekar, D. 2017. “Review of Mohammed Suleman Siddiqui: The Junaydī Sufis of the Deccan-The discovery of a Seventeenth Century Scroll”. South Asia Research 37(3): 335-62.

Dandekar, D. 2017. “Review of Anne Feldhaus with Ramdas Atkar and Rajaram Zagade (ed. and trans.): Say to the Sun, ‘Don’t Rise,’ and to the Moon, ‘Don’t Set’: Two Oral Narratives from the Countryside of Maharashtra”. International Journal of Hindu Studies 21(1): 107-139

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