Daphne Rozenblatt

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rozenblatt [at] mpib-berlin [dot] mpg [dot] de

Short CV: 

PhD, 2014, History, University of California, Los Angeles

MA, 2010, History, University of California, Los Angeles

Research Interests: 
  • History of emotions
  • History of human sciences and expertise
  • History of political criminal prosecution
  • History of the self
  • Modern European social and cultural history

Selected Literature: 

Rozenblatt, Daphne. "Political Insanity of the Nineteenth-Century Lunatic: Three Iterations of a Biography," Journal of Victorian Culture, Special Issue, Brains Under Pressure: Pathologising the Male Mind, eds. Emilie Taylor-Brown and Melissa Dickson (forthcoming).

Rozenblatt, Daphne. "Introduction: Criminal Law and Emotions in Modern Europe," with an "Introductory Note on Images of Legal Feeling," Rechtsgeschichte -- Legal History 25 (forthcoming 2017).

Rozenblatt, Daphne. "Legal Insanity: Towards an Understanding of Free Will through Feeling," Rechtsgeschichte - Legal History (forthcoming 2017).

Rozenblatt, Daphne, ed. Criminal Law and Emotions in Modern Europe: Historical Perspectives, a focus section of Rechtsgeschichte -- Legal History (forthcoming 2017).

Rozenblatt, Daphne. "Scientific Expertise and the Politics of Emotions in the 1902 Trial of Giuseppe Musolino,” History of Human Sciences, (July 2017), 25-49.

Rozenblatt, Daphne. "La Politica della Giustizia nel Processo Musolino del 1902," Lo Spettacolo della Politica, eds. Emanuela Minuto and Marco Manfredi (Rome: Viella, in  print 2017).

Rozenblatt, Daphne. "Work: Disease, Cure, and National Ethos in Modern Italy," Social History of Medicine (27 April 2017): DOI: 10.1093/shm/hkx008.

Rozenblatt, Daphne. "The Assassin's Smile: Facial Expression as Political Express," History of Emotions -- Insights into Research (October 2016). DOI: 10.14280/08241.48.

Rozenblatt, Daphne. "Das Lächeln des Attentäters: Gesichtsausdruck als politischer Ausdruck," Geschichte der Gefühle -- Einblicke in die Forschung (Oktober: 2016): DOI 10.14280/08241.49.

Rozenblatt, Daphne. "Libertà, Cura, Lavoro: Questions of Work and Psychiatry in Post-Risorgimento Italy." In Perspectives on Europe, Autumn, 2011.