Claudia Wehrspaun

Postdoctoral Fellow
wehrspaun [at] mpib-berlin [dot] mpg [dot] de

Research Interests: 
  • Brain ageing across the human lifespan
  • Neural correlates and regulators of developmental change
  • Age-related differences in memory
  • Impact of genetics and lifestyle measures on brain ageing
  • Risk for neurodegenerative disease
  • Network analysis, ML

Selected Literature: 

Wehrspaun, C. C., Haerty, W., & Ponting, C. P. (2015). Microglia recapitulate a hematopoietic master regulator network in the aging human frontal cortex. Neurobiology of aging, 36(8), 2443-e9.

Wehrspaun, C. C., Ponting, C. P., & Marques, A. C. (2014). Brain-expressed 3′ UTR extensions strengthen miRNA cross-talk between ion channel/transporter encoding mRNAs. Frontiers in genetics, 5.

Wehrspaun, C. C. (2014). Transcriptional brain networks and their key regulators across the human lifespan (Doctoral dissertation, University of Oxford).

Wehrspaun, C. C., Haerty, W., Bassett, D., Shin, J. H., Weinberger, D. R., & Ponting, C. (2013, December). Dynamics of Transcriptional Coexpression Brain Networks Over the Human Lifespan. In Neuropsychopharmacology (Vol. 38, pp. S491-S492).

Wehrspaun, C. C., Pfabigan, D. M., & Sailer, U. (2013). Early event-related potentials indicate context-specific target processing for eye and hand motor systems. Neuroscience research, 77(1), 50-57.

Reischer, G. H., Kollanur, D., Vierheilig, J., Wehrspaun, C., Mach, R. L., Sommer, R., ... & Farnleitner, A. H. (2011). Hypothesis-driven approach for the identification of fecal pollution sources in water resources. Environmental science & technology, 45(9), 4038-4045.