PhD Projects

Research FieldProjectTeam
Cohort 2016–2020Idleness, Industry and Self-Fulfillment: the Ethics and Psychology of Work in Late Imperial and Early Republican ChinaMarius Oesterheld
Suffering Love: The Relation between Religion and Bourgeois Experiences of Romantic Love in Late 18th and Early 19th Century Germany
Pastoral care as political counseling? Religion, power and morality in Spain during the 19th centuryBritt Schlünz
Religious Tradition - Secular Ethics? Transformations of Tibetan Buddhist Ethics in Twentieth-Century South AsiaFrederik Schröer
From Vermin to Hero: Shifting Attitudes Toward Soldiers in US-American Society from the Vietnam War to the War on TerrorAnna Borrero
Between Pleasure and Immorality: Western Allies’ Soldiers’ Clubs in Germany as Sites of Encounters between Occupiers and the Occupied in the 1940s and 1950sLena Rudeck
Benefits or Basic Social Rights? German Court Disputes on the Morality of the Welfare State in the 20th CenturyHelge Jonas Pösche
Cohort 2015–2019The Rise of Market Populism: The Media History of Neoliberalism, 1940–1990Sören Brandes
Under a Cloak of Civility: Bourgeois Answers to the “Jewish Question” in London and Berlin 1890-1914
Transnational Networks of Anti-Imperialism: Mexico City in the Long 1920sThomas Lindner
Grassroots Veterans: The American Legion and Conservative Change in California, 1945-2000Marvin Theo Bähr
Cohort 2014–2018Environments of Disposal. Moralities, Practices and Localities of Waste (1880‐1930)Björn Blaß
Ethics of Essence: On the Emotional Production of "Aryan" Subjectivity in Völkisch Settlements, 1890-1925Anna Danilina
The Production of “Monaco” and “Las Vegas” as Sites of (Un)Moral Economies
Planned Love? Advice Communication on Marriage and Partnership in the GDRTill Großmann
When History Goes Mad: Rewriting the History of State Violence in Dersim Cicek Ilengiz
Political Workings of the Ideology of Remoteness: Imagining the Szeklerland as a Moral Site of Cultural Resistance in the 20th Century
Cohort 2013–2017The Emotional Economy of British Seaside Holiday-Making 1870-1918
Moral Economies of Urban Dwelling: Nonprofit Housing in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (20th/21st Century)
Shame and the Search for Rehabilitation. Pardoning Practices in Germany, 1870-1933
Spaces and Emotional Styles: War Victims in the Interwar Period (1920s–1930s)
Contested Solidarity: Moral Economies in the Trade Union Movement of the 1970s and 1980s
Morality, Emotions and Political Community in the Late Ottoman Empire (1880-1905)