childLex (German Children‘s Book Corpus)

childLex beinhaltet 500 Kinderbuecher | childLex comprises 500 children's books
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The Children's Book Corpus childLex


When and how often do children read certain words and word combinations? How does literacy environment develop for children in German? The children's book corpus childLex answers these questions.

childLex is a cooperation with the University of Potsdam and the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. It comprises over 10 million words derived from a selection of 500 german children's books. The books have been written for children aged from 6 to 12 and can be requested from the corpus as a whole or for three different age groups (6-8, 9-10, 11-12 years). Thereby, most of the lingusitically and psychologially relevant variables for about 200.000 different words can be provided.

childLex is free to the public and can be used by interested researchers, teachers and speech and language therapists to create better materials for diagnostics and training appropriate for children in German.

The recent copy of childLex (version 0.15.01, January 2015) is available in two different versions. In an Excel-chart (42 MB) a selection of variables is provided for a reduced number of words (see Downloads). childLex can also be used via an online platform to derive further variables with different request possibilities. This page is still in set-up, a temporary and with regards to content slightly obsolete version is available at http://alpha.dlexdb.de/query/childlex/childlex/typ/filter/. Soon a current version will be launched at  www.childlex.de.

If you use childLex for your work, please refer to the following article in which childLex is described more detailed (see Downloads).

Schroeder, S., Würzner, K.-M., Heister, J., Geyken, A., & Kliegl, R. (2015). childLex: A lexical database of German read by children. Behavior Research Methods, 47, 1085-1094. doi:10.3758/s13428-014-0528-1
To the article

A german article with a slightly different focus is also available (see Downloads):

Schroeder, S., Würzner, K.-M., Heister, J., Geyken, A., & Kliegl, R. (2015). childLex: Eine lexikalische Datenbank zur Schriftsprache für Kinder im Deutschen. Psychologische Rundschau, 66, 155-165. doi:10.1026/0033-3042/a000275


You find the Excel-Chart in the Download section with the password "read".


For questions or comments concerning childLex please contact

Sascha Schroeder

sascha [dot] schroeder [at] mpib-berlin [dot] mpg [dot] de