Movement Lab

Our lab equipment allows the measurement of different aspects of movement. For kinematic measurements with the Vicon system, small reflective markers are attached to different locations on the body, the positions of which are registered by special cameras (see video below). A three-dimensional image of the movement is created by combining the information from multiple cameras. The markers are attached using elastic bands or skin-friendly tape.

Additional devices allow the accurate measurement of muscle activity (EMG), acceleration and rotation movements (accelerometer and gyroscopes), and ground reaction forces, which occur when the feet touch the ground during standing or walking. The movement lab is also equipped with a treadmill and a large screen, allowing locomotion in virtual environments.

The studies of the Sensorimotor-Cognitive Couplings Project are conducted in our Movement Lab.

Studies with Infants

Kleinkind im Bewegungslabor
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In studies with infants, we either just observe your child playing freely or try to encourage specific movements (such as crawling or walking). These movements are typically recorded on video for data analysis. Some studies also make use of accurate movement measurements using the Vicon system or accelerometers.

Our lab is highly child-friendly, with toys, crawling mats, and a playing environment. It is equipped with a diaper-changing table and sufficient space to comfortably change diapers or feed your child. The lab can be heated to a comfortable temperature at any time of the year, including cool summer days.

Infant in the Lab

Im Bewegungslabor | In the Movement Lab


Motion Capture


Motion Capture of Infant Crawling

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