Research FieldProjectTeam
Education and Cultivation of EmotionsThe Emotions of New Education. A Transnational History of Jamia Millia Islamia, DelhiMargrit Pernau
Cold and Numb. Representing Unfeelingness in Europe, c. 1790-1870Kerstin Maria Pahl
Yearning for Future. Youth, Music and the Cultivation of Feelings in a Divided GermanyJuliane Brauer
Love and Labour in the City: Romantic Love and Delhi’s Workers , c. 1950s to the present Rukmini Barua
“Work as Prime Necessity”? – An Emotional and Cultural History of Work in the Late Soviet Union, 1960-1980 Alexandra Oberländer
Homosexuality and Emotional Life in Rural West Germany (1960–1990)Benno Gammerl
Emotion and Knowledge in Health Education Films, 1910–1990Anja Laukötter
Emotions and the BodySpace and EmotionsMargrit Pernau
The Love of AnimalsPascal Eitler
Emotion and Religion in the "New Age"Pascal Eitler
IntermedialitiesMargrit Pernau
Feeling the Way Through With Sound: Social Warmth, Critical Feeling, and Affective Trance in North African Popular Islamic RitualsTamara Turner
Urban Intimacy in Eastern and Central Africa in the 20th Century Stephanie Lämmert
Migrant and Refugee War Orphans in Europe, North America, and Africa, 1945-presentSonia Cancian
Angry Young Man: Anger in Indian Popular Cinema ca. 1970-1990Imke Rajamani
Emotions and PowerEmotional Citizens: Love, Loyalty, and Trust in PoliticsUte Frevert
Spectacular Speeches – Emotions, rhetorical practices, and the new canon of public speaking in France and Italy (1750-1815)Francesco Buscemi
Honour and Shame: An Emotional History of PowerUte Frevert
Emotions and Temporalities. The Concept of "Modernity" in Urdu, 1900-1960Margrit Pernau
Market Feelings: On the Production of Advertisers and Consumers in the Twentieth CenturyAnne Schmidt
The Capital of Capitalism. Entrepreneurship and Emotions in Germany (1840-1990)Agnes Arndt
A Political and Cultural History of the Minute's SilenceKarsten Lichau
New Woman and Moral Politics: A Herstory of Women’s Feelings and Agency in TurkeyEsra Sarioglu
Emotions and ReligionPenitent Feelings: Confession and the Emotions in Catholic Europe, c.1600-1800Stephen Cummins
Emotional Transitions: Religious and Non-Religious Emotions in North India, ca. 1840-1920Max Stille
Devotional practices and coping mechanisms in the Hasidic branch of BreslovYaara Benger Alaluf
The Masculine Discourse of Tears: Religious Weeping as Emotional Practice in Japan’s Christian Century (1540-1640)Makoto Harris Takao
Emotionen und MigrationMigration and Exclusion: Refugees to India after 1947Deepra Dandekar
Integration of Sudeten Germans into Germany after 1945: Inclusion, Exclusion and Emotional CommunitiesSoňa Mikulová
Law and Emotions Emotions in German Penal Law, 1794-1945Ute Frevert
Emotions in the Early Soviet CourtroomPavel Vasilyev
The Politics of Malice: Law, Science, and Violence against the State in Modern EuropeDaphne Rozenblatt
The Law of Jealousy: Sex, Violence, and Justice in Southern Italy, 1650-1800Stephen Cummins
Feeling the Law. Concepts on the Relation between Emotion and Judgment in German Jurisprudence 1870-1933 Sandra Schnädelbach