Berlin Aging Study (BASE) Sociology and Social Policy Unit (concluded)

The Sociology and Social Policy Unit of the Berlin Aging Study formally concluded its main research activities with the joint publication of the English version of the BASE monography.

The unit contributed to 11 of the 18 chapters of the book, not least in the area of interdisciplinary studies such as:

Baltes, M. M., Maas, I., Wilms, H.-U., Borchelt, M., & Little, T. D. Everyday competence in old and very old age: Theoretical considerations and empirical findings (pp. 384-402).

Linden, M., Horgas, A. L., Gilberg, R., & Steinhagen-Thiessen, E. The utilization of medical and nursing care in old age (pp. 430-474).

Maas, I., Borchelt, M., & Mayer, K. U. Generational experiences of old people in Berlin (pp. 83-110).

Marsiske, M., Delius, J., Maas, I., Lindenberger, U., Scherer, H., & Tesch-Römer, C. Sensory systems in old age (pp. 360-383).

Staudinger, U. M., Freund, A. M., Linden, M., & Maas, I. Self, personality, and life regulation: Facets of psychological resilience in old age (pp. 302-328).

Wagner, M., Schütze, Y., & Lang, F. R. Social relationships in old age (pp. 282-301).

Dissertation and Postdoctoral Projects

Bukov, A. (2001). Social participation in old age. Free University of Berlin.

Gilberg, R. (2000). Hilfe- und Pflegebedürftigkeit im höheren Alter. Eine Analyse des Bedarfs und der Inanspruchnahme von Hilfeleistungen. Berlin: Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung (Studien und Berichte, 68).

Lampert, T. (2001). Social inequalities, life course and health in older age. Berlin: Free University of Berlin.

Support and Illness in Old Age (Postdoctoral project, Pascale Dorenlot, MPG-CNRS cooperation program)