Activities of the Independent Research Group

Heike Solga Foto

Inaugural Conference

"Low-skilled = low-paid? Opportunities and Risks of a Low-Wage Sector in Germany"
in collaboration with the Network on Longitudinal Research Berlin-Brandenburg (LWBB), located at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW).
Held at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, May 11-12, 2000.

Conference program (in German language)

30th Biannual Meeting of the German Sociological Association in Cologne

Paper presented by Justin Powell in the Social Policy Section: Disability Discrimination and Equality in Germany and the United States: Changing Legal Conceptions and Social Realities

Paper presented by Heike Solga and Sandra Wagner at the meeting of the Education/Sociology of the Family Sections: "Beiwerk" der Bildungsexpansion: Die soziale Entmischung der Hauptschule [A "Side Effect" of Educational Expansion: The Increased Social Homogeneity of the Hauptschule]

"Educational Differentiation in European Societies: Causes and Consequences" Conference conducted as part of the EURESCO-conference series "European Societies or European Society?" of the ESF (Giens/France, September 16-21, 2000)

Paper presented by Heike Solga: Educational Expansion and "Selection": Labor Market Participation of Less-Educated Persons in Germany

Poster presented by Justin Powell: Students with Disabilities and the Growing of Special School Sector in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1960-1998