Research Group "Lack of Training"

Why are there less-edcuated youth and who are they? Which are the long-term consequences of the lack of training in young adulthood? The Research Group Lack of Training (Head: Heike Solga) investigated these questions until May, 2005. Beyond these research foci, the research results helped to specify the significance of education in society and on the labor market, and the exploration of the interrelations between the labor market and other domains of life.

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Members of the Research Group

Leader of the Research Group
PD Dr. Heike Solga

Scientific Researcher
Alessandra Rusconi

Postdoctoral Research Fellows
Sandra Wagner, Justin Powell

Doctoral Student
Lisa Pfahl

Karin Bengtson

January 2000 till May 2005

Further Publications

Ausbildungslosigkeit: Bedingungen und Folgen mangelnder Berufsausbildung