Max Planck Research Group "Neurocognition of Decision Making"

Until fall 2010, the Max Planck Research Group "Neurocognition of Decision Making" (Head: Hauke R. Heekeren) investigated mechanisms of decision-making in the human brain.

This Max Planck Research Group investigates mechanisms of decision making in the human brain. We are using a combination of psychophysical methods, functional and structural neuroimaging (MRI, MEG, EEG), modeling, and pharmacological intervention to (1) explicitly link brain function and behavior during perceptual decision making processes, (2) investigate the interaction of cognitive and emotional processes during social decision-making, and (3) examine the impact of individual differences, aging, and brain disorders on these functions.

Research Group
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Head of Research Group
Hauke Heekeren

Since fall 2010 at the Free University Berlin „Emotionspsychologie und Affektive Neurowissenschaft“

Latest Publications

Mind and Motion: The bidirectional link between thought and action
July 2009

Article in Nature Reviews Neuroscience:
The neural systems that mediate human perceptual decision making

Mind and Motion Cover