H-NET Symposium in Budapest

May 24-26, 2018, Budapest

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The symposium brings together leading international experts on the hippocampus and memory across the lifespan and across levels of analysis.

We aim to further the understanding of hippocampal network contributions to cognition across the lifespan.


Logos of the organizers

The symposium is co-organized by the Brain Imaging Centre (BIC) at the Research Centre for Natural Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, and the Center for Lifespan Psychology (LIP) at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany.

Guest Speakers

Nikolai Axmacher
University of Bochum

Gaël Chételat
Inserm, Inserm UMR-S U1237, Université de Caen-Normandie

Christian Doeller
Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience / Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Simon Hanslmayr
University of Birmingham

Attila Keresztes
Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin

Brock Kirwan
Brigham Young University

Gyula Kovács
University of Jena

Pamela Lavenex
University of Lausanne

Attila Losonczy
Columbia University Medical Center

Anna Schapiro
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center / Harvard Medical School

Kimberly Stachenfeld
Princeton Neuroscience Institute / Google DeepMind

Zoltán Vidnyánszky
Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Markus Werkle-Bergner
Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin


Download the detailed program (pdf).


The first 50 participants will be accepted on the basis of first come, first served.

Registration is free, but note that we can not cover your travel or accommodation costs. Nice hotels close to the venue include Hotel Gellért, Danubius Hotel Flamenco, or the Hotel Astoria City Center.

To register please send an email with “registration” as the subject and your name and affiliation in the body of the email to hnet2018 [at] mpib-berlin [dot] mpg [dot] de (subject: Registration) .

Travel to and within Budapest

Going directly to the conference venue

Traveling from the airport to the city center
If you come by plane, we recommend taking the bus 100E from the airport to Deák tér (a 38 minute ride with 2 stops, price: 900 HUF (~3 EUR), and continue your trip to your destination from there.

Alternatively, take a shuttle bus directly to your destination. We recommend the airport’s official shuttle bus partner (4400 HUF, ~16 EUR): https://www.minibud.hu/en

Traveling within Budapest
The city has a great public transportation system. General information on tickets can be found here:

Google maps provides route planning with public transportation within the city with live updates.

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