Special Issue Feeling Communities


Special Issue Feeling Communities

Cover The Indian Economic and Social History Review
History of Emotions

This special issue investigates the role emotions played and play in the creation of feeling communities in South Asia. The topics range from the central role, which appeals to compassion had in the creation of the Muslim community in the 19th century (Margrit Pernau), the contributions of novels to the mobilization of feelings and people in the 20th century (Christina Oesterheld), the way emotions were evoked through their performance in poetic gatherings and in sermons (Carla Petievich, Max Stille), the contribution of Telugu films played in mass mobilization through anger and compassion (Imke Rajamani) and finally the emotional world views of young men in Pakistan with jihadi affiliations (Amélie Blom).

Pernau, M. (Guest ed.). (2017). "Feeling communities [Special issue]". Indian Economic and Social History Review, 54(1).