Developmental Psychology


Developmental Psychology

Buchcover Entwicklungspsychologie
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Lifespan Psychology

What does a newborn perceive? How do children learn to deal with emotions? When and how do our personalities evolve? How do cognitive abilities change in adulthood? – The content areas of developmental psychology are more wide-ranging and accessible than is the case for most other fields of psychology.

The textbook “Entwicklungspsychologie” – established by Rolf Oerter and Leo Montada – is regarded as the standard work in the field. Wolfgang Schneider and Ulman Lindenberger are the editors of its 8th edition.

Development is presented on the basis of two dimensions, by age (from prenatal development to very old age) and by domain (the development of perception, emotion, cognition, language, etc.). To conclude, 13 fields of practice are introduced, among others the media, preschool education, health, and productivity in old age.

Schneider, W., & Lindenberger, U. (Hrsg.). (2018). Entwicklungspsychologie [Developmental psychology] (8th ed.). Weinheim: Beltz.