1961 Hellmut Becker submits his exposé "Plan of an Institute for Educational Research" to the Max Planck Society
23.11.1962 The Senate decides on the foundation of an "Institute for Research in the Field of Education in the Max Planck Society"
01.07.1963 Hellmut Becker is appointed the Founding Director
01.10.1963 Foundation of the "Institute for Educational Research in the Max Planck Society"
01.06.1964 Appointment of Friedrich Edding, Dietrich Goldschmidt, and Saul B. Robinsohn as Institute Directors
01.01.1971 Change in the Satzung. The Institute receives the name “Max Planck Institute for Human Development"
09.04.1972 Death of Saul B. Robinsohn
01.09.1973 Appointment of Wolfgang Edelstein and Peter Martin Roeder
17.10.1974 Completion of the new building, Lentzeallee 94, Berlin, Dahlem
30.06.1977 Emeritus of Friedrich Edding
01.09.1980 Appointment of Paul B. Baltes
31.05.1981 Emeritus of Hellmut Becker
06.03.1982 Change in the Satzung. Establishment of the Research Areas and Collegial Directorship
30.11.1982 Emeritus of Dietrich Goldschmidt
01.04.1983 Appointment of Karl Ulrich Mayer
1996 Appointment of Jürgen Baumert
30.06.1997 Emeritus of Wolfgang Edelstein
1997 Appointment of Gerd Gigerenzer
2004 Appointment of Ulman Lindenberger
2007 Appointment of Ute Frevert
2010 Emeritus of Jürgen Baumert
2012 Appointment of Ralph Hertwig
2017 Emeritus of Gerd Gigerenzer
2019 Appointment of Iyad Rahwan