Machines and the Future of Work

Question: How are machines impacting human jobs, organizations and economies?

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence technologies are expected to fundamentally transform the nature of work, to potentially eliminate many jobs, and to create entirely new jobs. While these questions are typically studied by labor economists, this theme complements the traditional approach using methods from data science, complex systems, and network science to shed new light on these processes.

Principal Investigator(s)

Alex Rutherford

Iyad Rahwan


Demetris Avraam

Xiangnan Feng

Inho Hong

Selected Papers/ Projects

'The Automated Life'

Moro, E., Frank, M. R., Pentland, A., Rutherford, A., Cebrian, M., & Rahwan, I. (2021). Universal resilience patterns in labor markets.Nature Communications12, Article 1972.

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